The winning concept:

Saab 93 B "Sport" 1959"

Class:  Grand Turismo 750

Engine: 750cc 90 hp 6500 rpm

Solex PII carburator

Twin SU Petrol pump

Radiator from the 92 model

4 Speed gearbox

Watercooled frontbrakes

Fuel tank with fast filling cap

weigth 723 kg

Top speed approx. 180 km/h


News from Le Mans Classic 2008

We won!


Sunday 4 PM

At long last, the official results were released and the joy of the team were very high. In the list we came in 38 th place total; which means that we won our class and also drove faster than many cars in the higher classes.

Our hope to get in the top of the Index of performance held. When these results became official and we saw that we were number one, the teammembers and I fell many tears of happiness. Right now I hardly can find words for how good this feels. Incredibly godd is perhaps the best in to match. Our adventure at Le Mans has gone way better than we dared to hope and I'm still  amazed over the result.

Stay tuned for more news/Bosse and the team

One minute faster!


Saturday at 12 o'clock

During the third and final e we set a new personal lap record. 6.14 reads our new record, and that is lmost one minute faster than the time we set in the training.

The Saab was wonderful during the whole heat and I can only say that during the final three or four laps I did not only raced the car, I fully enjoyed the ride. What a feeling!!!

So far, the organisers have not released any official list, bit I think  we are doing very well and that wewill put oursekves inthe top of the Index of performance. We will come back with more information during this afternonn and evening.

Stay tuned/Bosse

Still in the top!



Saturday at 07.30
The heat during the night began well but after one began to link fuss. Probably, it was a broken wire to the clutch. Fredrik and Göran drove on in spite of the good momentum, even if they have not ran in full swing. After the heat we found that our team despite the problems with the clutch ended up in a second place in the Index of performance. Guess if we were happy.

Mechanic said that it was not the wire to the clutch that had gone by, a mistake that would have taken around ten minutes to fix. No, instead, it was the clutch rod that had gone by.
Our mechanic began, lifted from the entire engine and gearbox and welded together the rod. The work that carried out the mechanics were not incredible, it was unlikely. They had not one single minute of sleep during the night.. Soon it is time for heat number three, and then we run at full speed again.

Stay tuned/Bosse.

Our first race at Le Mans - Our first victory at Le Mans!



Saturday night 00.20.

Sitting in the official Media Center, who kindly help us with better internet connection than we get from our mobile phones. Try to make a report of our first race ever at the Le Mans track. But I don’t know how to write this - how do you describe your first victory at Le Mans?

Yes that’s true!

When sitting in the drivers club, having a delicious dinner after our race, we got the official classification from our first heat, and we started to read the form from the bottom, because we are really beginners at Le Mans.

In the total list the Saab was placed 50 of 63 starters, and winning our class, before all the beautiful Dyna Panards.

But when the results of the Index of performance, which always have been the handicap system for the 24h Le Mans, we found us unbelievable art the first place!!! Number one were our Saab 93 followed by Lotus XI, Porsche 550 Spyder, another two Lotus XI, Aston Martin DBR I, Lotus Elite, Ferrari 250 GT Berlinetta, yet another Lotus Elite and on tenth place a Jaguar D Type. Yes, this is the top ten cars from round 1 for the grid “Cars between 1957-1961”. I think that all the visitors at the Drivers Club were thinking “the Swedes must be a little bit crazy...”

We have just started to imagine how it is to be a winner at this legendary track. For us in the team it’s far more than we dreamed of on the way to Le Mans. The next round will be around 02.30. Then Fredrik will take the start and Göran will take over after the half distance to take the flag and hopefully defend our fantastic result from the first race.
But now I try to sleep for 30 minutes before our technical briefing before we make us ready for the real Le Mans challenge, the night rounds. Sorry for all the wrong spelling, but we will shape it up when not so tired....

Stay tuned

Waiting for the start



It starts to draw up to the start of the team and we are waiting with bated breath to take out the car on the track. The actual contest will start at four, but because we are in Group 28, we should not put on the track until a few hours later. Interest in our car is, in itself, and we get a lot of happy cheering and congratulations from both the candidates and from the spectators.
For the other, I can say that we are pretty good when it comes lap times. Our best time low of 7.05, which means that we have the fastest car in our class and we are also faster than some of the cars competing in the 1100 cc class.

More news will follow / Bosse

Driving in the dark



During the night, we trained once again on the track, to see what it's like to run it in the dark.
Before we drove us know we make little adjustments and the car is better than ever.
Although we had good margins in our journey, we had no problems once again run away from our competitors and we look forward to the start this afternoon.

Stay tuned/Bosse 

Talk of the town



Now we have been on the classic Le Mans for more than a day and our Saab has already aroused a great interest, in fact larger than we expected.

We came up last Thursday morning, and even if we went in a Saab, 2 000 kilometre is a l-o-n-g journey. But we came around quickly when we came in at the pit area.

Slightly shocked, we found that its scope amply represented a Swedish small town to the surface, and that the between 80 000 and 100 000 people were in and around the Le Mans circuit.

As the competition team, we were driven from the car park to the part of Le Mans, which represents Retrospective Motorsports little depot. And we were driven in style - in old military Jeeps.

The interest in our Saab was high right from the start and we are not so little pride every time we see one of Le Mans official eateries. Any such is signposted with the same banners that decorated with different Le Mans cars and one of it is a grey Saab 93 with starting number 44.

It has been a steady stream of visitors to our pit, all to see and of course hear our exotic car. Yes, I can guarantee that there is no car that sounds more than our Saab.

During the Thursday evening it were the official inaugural ceremony, and as our team was referred to the seat of honour at the very front, as well should give a hint that Saab is already a key element of the starting field in which the cars that Ferrari are counted as thirteen on a dozen.

This morning, Friday is perhaps best to add, we made our first training on the track and the car went faster than we thought. Let be that we do not have a chance against Aston Martin and the like, but cars that have similar engine capacity and power, for example, some specially-Dyna Panhardracers, we drove away without any major problems on the Mulsannestraight.

Inside the pit we could, as the only team in the class, 1957-1961, show that we is using a service car from that time, Ingvar Lindbergs Saab 95, which you can read about elsewhere here at this homepage.

The training was in fact very good. The engine got a little too bold mix, but it is fixed, as well as a final adjustment of the engine, gearbox and dampers.

In the coming night we are about to drive another training round in the dark and we will report about it tomorrow. Unfortunately, we have not managed to upload any photos to the homepage since the French telecommunications network appears to be overloaded just around the Le Mans these days.

Stay tuned for moore Le Mans reports. 

Now we hit the road heading for France!


Here you will find some short summarys and updates from team Retrosepctive Motorsport during,  what we belive, the biggest historic racing events in the world!

Le Mans Classic  2008 take place at 12-13 July.

But first Qualifying and practice will be run  at  friday 11 July. 

The team will report of their  experince on track as well as from  the pit and the grand stands.

At thuesday 8 July, the first Swedish car at Le Mans since 1959 start its trip down to the Sarthé.

Stay tuned from now!

















Saab legends at Le Mans

During a dinner in Gothenburg in January 1959. the Swedish racing driver Sture Nottorp, who had competed at Le Mans in 1954 with Frazer-Nash, discussed the possibility to enter a Saab at Le Mans with Rolf Mellde, technical director at Saab.
It was decided to develop a Saab 93 B to the  GT-class up to 750cc according to ACO regulations for 24 h Le Mans.
Responsible for the preparation was the former Ferrari Svezia mechanic, Rune Bertilsson, at this time at Saab development and testing department. The other members of the team was Alf Lavér, Tom Brahmer, Bertil Björkman, Jan-Olof Hellsén och Erik Wennler.
At Saab the works drivers Erik Carlsson "On the roof" and Carl-Magnus Skogh  was involved in different stages of the testing and development of the Le Mans car.

Sture Nottorp engaged Gunnar Bengtsson as his second driver and Tom Brahmer as reserve driver. The project seems have been supported by the Saab factory under some discretion.


At the Le Mans 24 h race, the team scored a remarkable 12th place over all, and third in the 750cc GT Class.
With a top speed of 170 km/h, the average speed of 130 km/h including the seven pit stops, indicate that  there was a race on the limits for the small Saab who was one of only 13 cars from 55 starters, who managed to run all the 24 hours.

The Saab legend at Le Mans represent an interesting, but maybe not so well known part of the Swedish motorsport history, and even until today its the only Swedish manufactured car that has ever competed at Le Mans.


But now its time for a Swedish Saab  to make it again!